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Complete catalogue
Complete catalogue
More than the large range of usual spotlights and typology in Romania, we are presenting here a selection of iGuzzini products, a lot of these having the signature of designers well known all over the world:
Le Perroquet - design Piano Design
Greenwich - design Sir Norman Foster
Cestello - design G.Aulenti & P.Castigliani
Linealuce - design J.M.Wilmotte
Shuttle- design Bruno Gecchelin
Nuvola - design R. Piano & Meccano
Vela- design Bruno Gecchelin
Kriss - design Yamada
Astra - design Yamada
Balisage- design G.Paghera
Parallel- design B.Gecchelin
MaxiWoody- design Yamada
Berlino- design Piano Design
Woody - design M.Cucinella
Gabbiano - design B.Gecchelin
Lingotto - design Renzo Piano
Microcestello - design G.Aulenti & P.Castiglioni
Arc - design Yamada
Lightair- design Bruno Gecchelin
Pixy - design Mario Cucinella
Composit- design J.M. Wilmotte
Light up-walk - design i Guzzini
GEM - design Paul Andreau
Light up-garden - design i Guzzini
LedPlus - design J.M. Wilmotte
Flaminia - design Jan Wickelgren
The result of years of research between National Research Center Italy, iGuzzini Illuminazione, the Lighting Research Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy of New York. highly qualified international research institutes, SIVRA is a general lighting system which can be programmed to imitate biological rythms, capable of reproducing the varying intensity of natural sunlight, with all its characteristics. The advantages afforded by the system are much in evidence: this type of light allows those who live or work in areas with no natural light to regain a natural physiological balance and psycho-shysical well-being.
The project is based on a new concept in artificial lighting, which accounts not only for the visual function of light, but its psycho-physiological function as well.
SIVRA produces "dynamic" light with changes in intensity and colour temperature during the course of the day and night, like: simulating sunrise and sunset, full lsunshine, passing clouds.
All the varying conditions of the sky are brought indoors.
The high illumination levels in closed ambients is vital. The so-called "biologically significant light" (with an illumination level much higher than normally used in closed ambients) produces measurable photo-biological effects in the human organism.

SIVRA COMPACT takes the bio-technolgoy project one step further, expanding application opportunities and granting the system a more precise identity in terms of style for those areas in which lighting must also constitute an element of interior design. The modular approach of Sivra Compact provides the dynamic environments of modern architecture and areas designed with human interaction in mind, with the wellbeing derived from biological light.